Life With Braces


Modern braces are more comfortable and visually appealing than they’ve ever been, but there are some simple things you can do to make your time in braces more comfortable. The team at Glen Orthodontics is here to help you every step of the way. If you follow the guidelines on this page, take extra care with your oral hygiene, and follow Dr. Renata’s instructions, you’ll enjoy your time in braces or aligners almost as awesome as life with your new Glen Orthodontics Smile.

Eating With Braces

You Can Munch But Please Don’t Crunch

One of the biggest lifestyle changes you’ll need to make while wearing braces is diet. Certain foods run the risk of breaking off brackets, getting stuck in your archwires, or otherwise damaging your braces, so you’ll need to take care to avoid these foods during treatment.

Foods You Can Eat With Braces

  • Grains: Pasta or soft-cooked rice
  • Dairy: Soft cheeses, pudding, and milk
  • Bread: Any soft bread like tortillas, pancakes, or nut-free muffins
  • Vegetables: Soft or cooked veggies like mashed potatoes, steamed spinach, or beans
  • Fruits: Bananas, seedless berries, applesauce, fruit without pits, and sliced fruit
  • Seafood: Any soft fish like tuna, salmon, or crab cakes
  • Meat: Soft meats like lunch meat, meatballs, or soft-cooked chicken
  • Desserts: Cake, milkshakes, ice cream, or Jell-O

Foods To Avoid With Braces

  • Hard or Crunchy Foods: Popcorn, hard candy, nuts, or chips
  • Sticky or Chewy Foods: Licorice, gum, caramel, or even bagels
  • Foods That Are Difficult to Bite Into: Corn on the cob or whole apples or carrots
  • Sugary Foods & Beverages: Any sodas or foods with lots of sugar

Helpful Tips

To Follow After You Get Braces

  • We recommend you use a soft bristled tooth brush with a small head. Electric and sonic tooth brushes are also acceptable.
  • Brush your teeth after meals and snacks.
  • If you have eaten while away from home, use your interdental brush to dislodge any food that may get caught around your braces.
  • Rinsing with water is another way to dislodge food from your braces, and to keep sugar from sitting on your teeth.
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day.
  • We recommend that you have a check up with your dentist every 6 months.