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Orthodontic treatment has made amazing strides in the past few years. Today, our options are more esthetic, more comfortable, and faster than ever before. Now you can choose from metal braces, clear braces, tooth-colored braces, Invisalign and other types of invisible alignment. So whether you want to shout “I got braces!” from the rooftops or you’d rather keep your treatment on the down-low, we can deliver. And, no matter your age, we have the technology, and the experience, to make it happen.

From early treatment for children between the ages of 7 and 9 to treatments utilizing leading-edge technologies, like Invisalign and self-ligating braces, Glen Orthodontics has all the options. You can choose from metal braces, tooth-colored/invisible braces, or Invisalign. No matter which approach you choose you can always count on an amazing Glen Orthodontics Smile because it’s the doctor and team that make the difference.

Today, our braces are smaller and more esthetic than ever, and they’re more comfortable too. Even the wires we use are built to get you to your new smile faster AND more comfortably. They work with the natural heat of your body to move your teeth in the most efficient way.

Girl In Braces at School